customer-centred strategies
for courageous companies.

“Success requires courage.
The Zulus call it Isibindi.”

Isibindi is a fully-integrated B2B growth consultancy led by industry veteran, Juliet Mey. We excel in creating and executing courageous, customer-centred strategies that deliver focused growth and future-proof your business.

Customer-centred business strategies start with the brand. You must know who YOU are and what YOU are saying before you can start with whom you are saying it too. An authentic brand will always result in valuable connections and growth.

Our belief is that if you do it properly, you’ll only need to do it once. We act as an agile extension of your management team, aligning your company to its audience so that every part of your business is naturally customer-centred. As a result, your marketing, business development and customer success strategies will always be relevant, targeted and consistent, allowing for accelerated and sustained growth.

Our services include brand positioning and identity, customer journey and service mapping, cross-company customer centricity strategies and implementation, content and marketing strategies and coaching.

What makes Isibindi different?

We have been in your shoes. Ten years ago, our founder Juliet was leading a global marketing team when she had the courage to challenge the way organisations interact with their customers. Since then, she has been on a mission to teach businesses how to truly put customers at the centre of their operations.

We’re confident

because we’ve seen it work!

We’re adventurous

because we know that the same old thinking leads to the same old results.
We embrace diversity, innovation and curiosity.

We’re optimistic

because we love what we do and who we do it with. Our agile team brings a wealth of cross-industry experience and expertise. We’re passionate about creating businesses that are profitable and sustainable.

We’re resilient

because we’ve been around the block. We understand the challenges you’re up against and we can help you overcome them.

As part of the Isibindi offering,
we provide the following services:
  • Consulting and strategy development

    • Brand and positioning strategy
    • Brand and digital identity
    • Customer journey mapping
    • Service mapping
    • Customer centricity strategies
    • Communications strategy
    • Marketing strategy
  • Strategy implementation and set-up

    • Cross company implementation of customer strategies
    • Process optimisation
    • Team and infrastructure set-up
    • Communications framework and implementation
    • Supplier sourcing
    • Toolkit development
    • Reporting and measurement
  • Ongoing

    • Quarterly review of strategy and focus for next 90 days
    • Marketing and content review to ensure you are on track
    • Content road mapping – sales and social
    • Content creation (blog, social, video etc.)
    • Reporting, insights and optimisation

How we do it

A human-centred methodology to create
a customer-centric organisation

  • Engage and understand
  • Clarify and define
  • Set up for success
  • Deliver (activate and implement)
  • Iterate and improve

Our thinking

Where a customer-centricity strategy
should actually begin

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business strategy

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