We create sustainable, human-centred growth

Are you courageous enough to generate growth and find a unique competitive advantage in this new world?

Isibindi is a fully integrated B2B growth consultancy led by industry veteran, Juliet Mey

We help companies unlock new revenue streams, optimise internal efficiencies, create a culture of high performance, and become truly customer-centric.

We do it by helping leaders dig deeper and gain a true understanding of how customers interact with their organisation across all touchpoints.

Acting as an agile extension of your management team, we use these insights to create and execute courageous business strategies that will deliver focused growth and future-proof your business.

As a result, your organisation and its offerings will always be relevant, targeted and consistent, allowing for accelerated and sustained growth.

“The gap between what you promise and what you deliver is where your business challenge lies. Customer-centric brands keep their promises; this is your opportunity.”

What makes Isibindi different?

We know that it is only by having the courage to dig deeper and challenge the status quo that you begin to uncover the hidden potential of your organisation.

Once you do this, you will be able to unlock new revenue streams, optimise internal efficiencies create a culture of high performance and call yourself a truly customer-centric organisation.

We’re confident

because we’ve seen it work!

We’re adventurous

because we know that the same old thinking leads to the same old results.
We embrace diversity, innovation and curiosity.

We’re optimistic

because we love what we do and who we do it with. Our agile team brings a wealth of cross-industry experience and expertise. We’re passionate about creating businesses that are profitable and sustainable.

We’re resilient

because we’ve been around the block. We understand the challenges you’re up against and we can help you overcome them.

What we do

  • We help you chart the path to human-centred growth.

    • Increased revenue – comes from net new sales and/or organic growth.
    • Internal operational efficiencies – your people, processes and technology.
    • Brand and culture’ – core to who you are.

    The lack of synchronicity between these components is where disconnected promises and experiences are created and ultimately lead to inauthentic brand experiences and lost or inefficient revenue.

  • We help you identify the gaps - and bridge them.

    We follow a robust and proven methodology to identify and overcome this lack of synchronicity. It starts with the audit of all aspects of your business from the point of view of your customer:

    • Define the vision
    • Map your customer journey - current and ideal
    • Map the associated service journey – current and ideal
    • Conduct a gap analysis
    • Chart the business strategy and associated departmental strategies
    • Determine the roadmap
    • Plan the implementation

    “When you actually place clients at the centre of your business, you are making a huge contribution towards your long-term success and profitability.”

Our Thinking

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